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Evanson J. Mills (known as Vance) is a talented software developer who graduated with First Class Honors and a Double Major in Computer Science. He has a unique ability to think through a problem, understand its complexities and find a simple cost-effective solution. Vance has developed and implemented many applications for various businesses in Barbados over the past 12 years. His proven ability to develop, maintain and enhance company software has made him a valuable asset to companies as they expand and grow. Vance’s goal is always to improve the operational functionality of a business keeping it up to date with new technologies.



BSc Computer Science Double Major (First Class Honours) (1998 – 2000) University of the West Indies, Barbados  /  Riverside College, USA


Ensures software efficiency, security, safety and maintainability.  Systems maintenance patches and data fixes. Support in the event of software failure.  Improvements to the usage of applications and their design.  Support, maintenance and enhancement of new and existing systems.  Develop and test solutions.  Support operational staff in issue resolution.  Analyze user requirements and develop systems that meet their requirements.