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Our Policy On References

References – When we provide them and when we don’t

Many potential clients, in trying to find out more about our company, ask for a number of references.

  • Our clients are important people working for important companies: This makes it difficult for us to send references’ contact information to all potential clients. Our references are busy people and we don’t expect them to tolerate constant emails and or phone calls from potential clients asking them whether we’re good or not.
  • We only provide references for very large projects: If you come to us with a 4-hour mini-project and you are expecting some references – then we’re afraid we will disappoint you. We just can’t provide references for very small projects, mainly for the reason mentioned above and also because it just creates unnecessary overhead. It’s just not worth it. Only large projects (projects that take 2 months and more of full-time work for one person) are entitled to references.
  • We only provide references to established companies: Let’s face it – if you’re asking for references then it’s a clear sign that you don’t trust us – so, why should we trust you? If we send our references in the major companies we work with, then what guarantees us that the contact information of these references won’t be used for something other than checking for our work?
  • We will only provide you with a maximum of two references: We won’t provide more than 2 references to any client under any circumstances. In most cases, we only send one reference.
  • We generally don’t like handing out references: As we mentioned earlier, references represent a big annoyance to us and to our established corporate clients, and that’s why we don’t like them. We also prefer clients who trust us from the get-go, clients who are willing to take a leap of faith with us (the same way we are with them).

If you want us to work with you and you are expecting references, then make sure you meet the requirements above (mainly you have a large project and you are an established company). If you have any questions, then please contact us.